March 24, 2011

Brother America Finished Filming in India

Remember when we told you about the Uncle America documentary that is being filmed and directed by local directors Danny Yourd and Steve Hoover back in November? Well, local film producer Danny Yourd and director Steve Hoover (of Animal/Endeavor Media) have returned back to Pittsburgh after filming in India for 30 days between the end of January through February. Danny and Steve went to film Steve's old friend and roommate from college, Rocky Borat. Rocky graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in graphic design, and easily could have had that career path, but he felt empty staying in Pittsburgh - instead he realized his real passion was to help people in need. He knew thousands of people around the world were too poor to afford good food and water, let alone clothing and toys, so he flew to northern India without pre-made plans of where he would help, and eventually hooked up with an orphanage in a small village that takes care of AIDS-positive children. Initially he went to stay for a short period of time, but he fell in the love with the kids there, and after several years there, wants to stay there to take care of the kids for the rest of his life. Along to accompany Danny and Steve while filming were writer Phinehas Hodges (who runs the Speaking Of series we mentioned a couple weeks ago), Steve's wife Kira, Akron, OH-based DP (director of photography) John Pope, and Pittsburgh-based editor Tyson Vanskyver. The children at the orphanage that Rocky teaches and takes care of call him "Uncle" America, but due to legal reasons with this guy, the guys had to change the name from "Uncle" to "Brother." No biggie. I think Brother America has the same effect and will make no difference to the audience.Personally this looks to be one of the best documentaries currently being made in the world with a great message, right here in town. Awesome!


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