April 1, 2011

Nice Article on Ready Made!

Here is a super cool short-but-sweet article from online magazine ReadyMade that discusses Pittsburgh's "sports fans who also dig art, culture, and chowing on a serious sandwich." Written by NYC-transplant from Pittsburgh Casey Barber, she gives nods to the Andy Warhol, SPACE , and Lawrenceville. From RM:
My Pittsburgh is a city of dive bars and cheap eats, but also a brilliant mix of museums, architecture, sports, and markets punctuating a patchwork quilt of (often hilly) neighborhoods nestled among the dramatic vistas of our famed three rivers and the Allegheny Mountains. Tradition is strong, but upstart ingenuity keeps the city alive. And though I’m an expat currently living near N.Y.C., I’m still stocking my fridge with Iron City beer and acting as a cheerleader for my hometown.

(Illustration above by Pasadena,CA-based Andrew Holder for ReadyMade!)

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