November 12, 2010

Uncle America Film!

The awesome producer/director couple that make up Endeavor (and work at Animal), Danny Yourd and Steve Hoover, are looking for donations for a documentary they are planning on filming in India called Uncle America Film. It's about how the lives of orphaned kids, mostly effected with AIDS, are changing with a Pittsburgh-native's help, Rocky Bratt, who moved there to care for and bring out the positive things in life for the kids, such as providing them with healthy food and spending time playing and listening to their stories.
Rocky has become okay with eating only rice, and the biting of mosquitoes at night and of flies in the day, and not having toilet paper or a bed to sleep in, because the love he gives them is returned to him ten-fold. He has discovered, as so many have, that the things we think we need, the things we are told we need, are not what we need.
They are getting close to reaching their Kickstarter goal by Dec 17th, so if you can help them to reach their goal by donating anything to help this film be made, I encourage you to help out! I can't wait to see the film when it is finished.

Link to film site
Link to Kickstarter to donate

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