September 30, 2009

Cory Rockwood at Gallerie Chiz on Oct 2!

Cory Rockwood has an opening this Friday, October 2nd, at Gallerie Chiz (5831 Ellsworth Ave)! The local string duet Cello Cello will be performing at the opening with complimentary food and drinks to be had all around!

Rockwood's works are really cool multimedia projects that don't really stand out much in the crowd due to the muted, dull colors that are used, yet when you look at these you begin to see the layers of thought that have gone into each piece, as far as, materials, shape, color, textures, among other elements that make Cory's pieces unique.

Link to facebook event

Carrie Furnace Project at Pump House & Water Tower on Oct 1!

There is a really cool looking exhibit opening tomorrow, October 1st, aptly titled the Carrie Furnace Project at a place I've certainly never heard of, or would ever think would host an art show, called the Pump House & Water Tower (880 E. Waterfront Dr, Homestead)! Not a far drive, or maybe walk for some of you, and this is sure to be a good time with free food and drinks with some great photos and large sculptors inspired by the space it is hosted in! What a cool idea for a show. We should create a show for every gallery in Pittsburgh, inspired in some way or another by the space in which it will be exhibited! Pittsburgh Grapevine says:
This project features the work of 4 artists who have gathered inspiration from the giant blast furnaces known as "Carrie." The work features images of the massive iron-producing blast furnace remains, steel sculpture, and illuminated sculpture incorporating graffiti from the furnace site.

The opening reception will be Thursday, October 1st 2009, from 6 pm to 9 pm at the historic Pump House & Water Tower Museum, which is part of the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area.

Specialty wines are being poured by Dreadnought Wine distributors at the opening reception for your enjoyment.

The Square Cafe will provide delightful appetizers.
The rad photographers (and sculptor) in this show include:

Dee Briggs:

Jean McClung:

George Thomas Mendel:

Norm W. Schumm:

Checkout more examples of the work that is included in the exhibit over here on the Pittsburgh Grapevine site!


(Found via Digging Pitt!)

Warhol and the Bountyhunters

Coop: "In the future, everyone will be an intergalactic bounty hunter for 15 minutes." The original image by LA-based artist Coop can be seen on flickr here.

"Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art." - Andy Warhol

(Found via BoingBoing)

September 29, 2009

Elephant Engine High Dive Revival at Shadow Lounge TONIGHT!

The Elephant Revival Tour says:
TONIGHT, September 29th (7:30 PM), the Shadow Lounge (5972 Baum Blvd) presents the most internationally acclaimed collection of poets will be making a surprise stop in Pittsburgh.

Headlined by Derrick Brown (opening artist for The White Stripes; Cold War Kids), Andrea Gibson (Slam Champion, Pushcart Prize Nominee, and 1st Women of the World Poetry Competitions), Shira Erlichman (Pushcart Prize nominee; mesmerizing one-woman band), Anis Mojgani (two-time Individual National Poetry Slam Champion) and Buddy Wakefield (two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion, opener and Artist for Ani Difranco and Righteous Babe Records), along with TEN nationally recognized rotating 5th members, this powerhouse cast of poetry superstars have graced stages from San Quentin State Penitentiary all the way to The Tonight Show!

Link to facebook event

BBK's Angry Mushrooms and Clouds!

Checkout these awesomely rad bags from Etsy-seller BBK Bags!

BBK makes each and every design bag completely by hand and will also create custom orders with any design you would like! This is very tempting. Pick up yours while they last!

Girl Talk with Adam Perry

Boulder, CO-based writer Adam Perry is currently a guest blogger on City Creative and recently interviewed the nationally popular Bridgeville-based DJ Girl Talk! Perry wrote an article for Boulder Weekly and compiled a great interview with Girl Talk (AKA Greg Gillis) for the weekly magazine. From the BW article:
27-year old electronic music star Gregg Gillis was born and raised in Bridgeville, PA – just one suburb over from my hometown – and began to perform and record under the name “Girl Talk” as a bio-engineering student at Case Western University in Cleveland. These days, Gillis performs his sensational mash-ups for packed, crazed audiences all over the world but still lives in Pittsburgh and feels embraced by the artistic community there, even as the population of the classic blue-collar American city shrinks each year.

“Pittsburgh rules,” Gillis says. “The Steelers won the Super Bowl. The Penguins won the Stanley Cup. We’ve have an unstoppable year. There’s always been a healthy art and music scene here. I started to go to local shows around 1996, and I’ve been exposed to a lot of great shit. Back then, I was into Operation Re-Information, the 1985, Don Caballero, and a bunch of others. I was able to start a band where we basically just smashed stuff and threw fireworks at the audience, and people embraced it to a certain degree.”

“Pittsburgh was a great place to grow up musically, and it’s still going strong today with local acts like Grand Buffet, Wiz Khalifa, Centipede E’est, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Modey Lemon, and so on. I’m friends with many of those people, and I play shows with them. Everyone is connected to some degree.”
You can keep reading this article on Adam's blog post!
Perry blogged snippets of his interview with Gillis that wasn't published in Boulder Weekly on City Creative and I had a fun time reading it and learning a bit more about Girl Talk's background. GT does play in Pittsburgh when not on the road, and I know I'll be at the next show! See you there!


(Photo above by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly)

Pandemic at Brillobox on Oct 2!

The monthly Pete Pandemic at Brillobox is happening this Friday, Oct 2! Stop by after all your crawling around galleries for some good drinks while grooving to some tunes!


Bride of Frankenstein Pinup

Click the image to see the enlarged and uncensored version!
A recent piece by Ed Piskor. See the unfinished line art version on his blog!

Liberi's iPhone Drawings

Gregg Liberi has been posting new iPhone drawings and I have to say, I am really, really digging them! He said he uses the Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile app. Keep 'em comin'!

Link to Gregg's portfolio site
Link to Gregg's facebook

"I Dreamed of Pittsburgh"

"An art film originally shot in 1974. A grand tour of the Westwood area of Pittsburgh PA. Animated (stop motion) clouds, and a friend Leslie Smiley runs around the Crafton Heights baseball field."

Created and uploaded by YouTube user raywitter.

September 28, 2009

Drink & Draw at Brillobox on Sept 29!

The next installment of Drink & Draw is happening tomorrow, Tuesday, September 29 at Brillobox (4104 Penn Ave) at 6:30! Come out to enjoy some good ol' booze and drawing! This month's model is Yoga instructor Richard Gartner.

Animator Jim Trainor Speaking at CMU on Sept 29!

Jim Trainor is a Chicago-based animator/filmmaker and comic artist (Sun Shames Headhunting Moon) who will be joining Carnegie Mellon University's Lecture Series on Tuesday, September 29th at 5pm at McConomy Auditorium (5000 Forbes Ave or here for a campus map). Admission is open and free to all! The School of Art at CM says:
JIM TRAINOR has been making animated films since he was thirteen. Since that time his medium has changed little. His preferred technique is black magic marker on typing paper. “The Fetishist” (1997), a portrait of a serial killer, took him eleven years to make and is highly unpleasant, though perhaps not in the way you might expect. A series of films about animals – “The Bats”, “The Moschops”, “The Magic Kingdom”, and “Harmony” – followed, and have been widely screened, sometimes under the collective title “The Animals and Their Limitations”. “The Magic Kingdom” was featured in the 2004 Whitney Biennial in New York. In 2000 Trainor was hired as a professor of art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he is now lodged happily. He is currently at work on a new series of films, “Nascent Humanity”, of which “The Presentation Theme” has just been completed (2008). He is now at work on “The Ugliest Woman in the World” (estimated completion date: 2011), the story of a peripatetic culture-heroine whose hideous skin disease turns out be merely starchy foodstuffs clinging to her skin. Beyond filmmaking, his passions include looking closely at birds and insects and reading forgotten anthropology books of the 1920s. He is rumored to be the world’s foremost authority on headhunting.

Strawberry's Fall

By the always illustrious Strawberryluna, above is her latest art print titled Fall 2009 (I think she typo-ed in the description which says Summer). This is the third part of her new Season series!

She also has a couple new posters up on her site for purchase which you can checkout below. She did one for a Joe Cocker concert in Atlanta. JOE-FRIGGIN'-COCKER! The same Joe that was at Woodstock '69 and says he gets by "With A Little Help from My Friends"! AWESOME!

Link to Fall 2009
Link to SL's site

Mellon Park Adds Stars

A new installation is currently being setup today in Mellon Park. There will be lights setup under the lawn (minus the lawn above) so that at nighttime it will give the impression of stars on the ground. This was just twitpic'ed today by pittsburghparks!

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy explains:
The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is teaming with the City of Pittsburgh, the Office of Public Art, and the family and friends of Annie Seamans to restore and improve Mellon Park's Walled Garden.

The Ann Katharine Seamans Memorial seeks to honor Annie, who loved the garden all her life, while providing visitors a beautiful, intimate space. The memorial artwork is intended as a subtle and well-integrated enhancement to the Walled Garden, which is itself a classic work of landscape architecture by Vitale and Geiffert, containing sculpture by Edmond R. Amateis. This project will bring new life to an extraordinary place of Pittsburgh history and cultural value, restoring Mellon Park's Walled Garden in a way that also honors the life and memory of Ann Katharine Seamans.

Artist Janet Zweig was selected through a national call for artists to develop the memorial artwork in collaboration with the design team. Janet learned about Annie by talking with her family, friends, and teachers. When she heard that Annie loved to be in the garden in the evening, watching the stars emerge in the night sky, Janet found her inspiration. Embedded in the lawn will be "stars" in their precise pattern over Pittsburgh at the time of Annie's birth. The effect will be created by softly glowing circles of light surrounded by small discs inscribed with information about each star.
Keep reading more about it on the Mellon Parks Project site!

Below is the artist's (Janet Zweig) rendering of what the lawn will look like once the installation is complete (I'm sure it will look cooler at night)! There's also a bit more info on the Pittsburgh Parks blog!

The Slant Typography by Andy!

Andy Scott (previously here) recently posted this cool type work for his friend's band The Slant (I think that link is the right band) that will possibly be used for a t-shirt design. I say to the band, just do it. I would wear it.


Endeavor Media's Updates!

The amazingly busy and awesome dudes that are Endeavor Media (previously mentioned here and here) have recently uploaded their Vimeo with some rad new music videos. EM is getting some great attention on MTV and VH1. Make sure to stop by their blog to stay updated on what they are doing - they are seriously doing something new every week!

The awesome video above features artist Erin McCarley, a song you might recognize from recent radioplay, and the video below featuring TobyMac was recently nominated for a Dove Award! Both are great works of art from this year.

Go vote for their Owl City Fireflies video on mtvU now!

Illustrations by Jeremy Shank

I recently ran across the site of local illustrator Jeremy Shank and really dug these pieces! Jeremy has a keen eye for color and design, but it's too bad there really isn't much more examples of his work currently on his site, and most seems like it might be at least a year old, but I'd be thrilled to see more works! It looks like he had some pieces hung at the now sadly defunct Creative Treehouse and maybe has some upcoming shows not posted on the site? Either way, it's fun to take a quick stroll around Shank's site!


September 25, 2009

"Artist of the Year" Tim Kaulen's Exhibit Tonight, Sept 25!

Congratulations to Tim Kaulen (previously mentioned here and here) for the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts' "Artist of the Year" Award! Tonight, at the PCA, along with the previously mentioned Dylan Vitone's exhibit, is Kaulen's exhibit of scrap-metal-turned-art pieces, which are so awesome!

There's a great article at the Post-GazetteNOW that says better than what I could say about Tim Kaulen's "Artist of the Year" award granted by the PCA. PGN says:
Kaulen is the Pittsburgh Center for the Art's 2009 Artist of the Year and the sculptures will be installed on the grounds of the big yellow Shadyside building in time for the exhibition's Friday opening.

"I know that I couldn't produce this kind of work anywhere else," Kaulen says, as he moves about the cavernous abandoned industrial space he's using as a studio, side-stepping the accumulated refuse of construction projects and old buildings that he will in time transform into something magical.

In this case, that would be "one tin duck," "one toy giraffe," and a rearing steed complete with cowboy, "iron horseman."

They "pay homage to classic American tin and wooden toys from the turn of the century," Kaulen says.
The work space is appropriate for Kaulen, who earned his artistic chops as a co-founder of the Industrial Arts Co-Op, a then-underground group that created artworks in the rusting remnant buildings of the region's once fire-breathing mills and factories.

Born in Greenville, Mercer County, the 43-year-old Polish Hill resident studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with stellar innovators Henry Koerner, the late painter, and earth artist Angelo Ciotti. Kaulen says they inspired him to work outside the conventions of commercial art.

For Kaulen, the process of creating a piece, including the involvement of others, is as significant as the completed work, and through the years he's developed a network that he can tap into. "It's all about our local community, that supports itself, and their contributions allow this type of unconventional work to be successful."
Kaulen says all his materials, for example, were donated by various local scrap yards and junk yards. The Massaro Corp., a Pittsburgh construction company, and Steffan Industries, a heavy equipment company that provided the crane to relocate the sculptures, made "substantial gifts," Kaulen says, probably amounting to $8,000 if he had paid for it out of pocket.

P.J. Dick Inc. and Trumbull Corp. "gifted all the bigger material, what I would call substructure materials -- stuff they use in big construction projects to brace the earth back." Tube City, "a massive scrap yard in West Mifflin, gave all the wheels," including the manhole covers for the cowboy and forklift wheels on the giraffe.
Read on...

The Post-GazetteNOW has also shot and uploaded a great video of Tim Kaulen explaining some of his work to give you a bit background on his work. This just gets me so stoked for tonight's exhibition by both Tim and Dylan! These guys are great to have in our arts community and I'm happy they are getting the hard-earned recognition they deserve!
Click on the image above to see the video!

Link to facebook event

(Photos above by Bill Wade for Post-GazetteNOW)

Dylan Vitone: "Emerging Artist of the Year" at PCA, Tonight!

Tonight photographer Dylan Vitone (along with Tim Kaulen, "Artist of the Year", watch for post in the near future) is called the "Emerging Artist of the Year" tonight which will officially be kicked off with tonight's exhibit opening at the "Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (6300 Fifth Ave)!

A major congratulations to Dylan for the accomplishment of the title given to him by the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts! This is a locally highly regarded title to hold, and previous artists that were given this title, well, have that on their resumé, which you can see a list of previous winners on the PCA site.

Vitone is a professor at Carnegie Mellon, and his photography work is actually very cool - definitely take a stroll around his site to checkout the cool panoramic shots of Pittsburgh and Boston. The exhibit tonight will feature works that he shot in Miami.


Please Don't Smash Our Window!

Seen on Carson St in the Southside, this is Commonwealth Press' plea! Shot and uploaded by the awesome flickr user the world seen through my eyes (Leonardo Reyes-Gonzalez).

This image © All rights reserved. May not be reproduced or distributed without express written permission from the author.

September 24, 2009

"Pretty" Boards

Pretty sure this is part of Pittsburgh-based artist Bob Ziller's Pittsburgh Beautification Project, which I first read about on the resourceful Pittsburgh Galleries blog! Below is a short video that Bob explains to you what the project is about and how you, yes you, can be involved in beautifying Pittsburgh's boarded up windows due to all this madness!
(Photo at top found via and uploaded by flickr user Kordite)

I found another shot of another location this time uploaded by thunderboltkid!

G20 Mural from the MLK Community Mural Project

Flickr user nakturnalleigh has recently uploaded an awesome set of images of the latest mural from the MLK Community Mural Project. Check it aht!