August 31, 2009

Andy Scott Draws!

Andy Scott is one who loves to add a little twist of this and that into his eccentric designs. A Place for All is Andy's little world of explorations into the unknown - lots of typography play, hairy-multiple-eyed creatures, robots, and politics, among other things!

Andy says:
i've always enjoyed drawing/craftmaking more so than any other activity. when i was little i wanted to be salvador dali. no one told me that it wouldn't be possible. so after my dreams of being a prolific surrealist artist with my own language i decided to pursue a career in illustration and design here in the pittsburgh. through that educational process i have met and learned from a lot of amazingly awesome people who are not some of my best pals in the world. and that brings us up to speed to my current situation.
I am really digging the sketchbook drawings he posts to give a little insight into his thought process and quirky designs and you will, too!


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