September 28, 2009

Mellon Park Adds Stars

A new installation is currently being setup today in Mellon Park. There will be lights setup under the lawn (minus the lawn above) so that at nighttime it will give the impression of stars on the ground. This was just twitpic'ed today by pittsburghparks!

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy explains:
The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is teaming with the City of Pittsburgh, the Office of Public Art, and the family and friends of Annie Seamans to restore and improve Mellon Park's Walled Garden.

The Ann Katharine Seamans Memorial seeks to honor Annie, who loved the garden all her life, while providing visitors a beautiful, intimate space. The memorial artwork is intended as a subtle and well-integrated enhancement to the Walled Garden, which is itself a classic work of landscape architecture by Vitale and Geiffert, containing sculpture by Edmond R. Amateis. This project will bring new life to an extraordinary place of Pittsburgh history and cultural value, restoring Mellon Park's Walled Garden in a way that also honors the life and memory of Ann Katharine Seamans.

Artist Janet Zweig was selected through a national call for artists to develop the memorial artwork in collaboration with the design team. Janet learned about Annie by talking with her family, friends, and teachers. When she heard that Annie loved to be in the garden in the evening, watching the stars emerge in the night sky, Janet found her inspiration. Embedded in the lawn will be "stars" in their precise pattern over Pittsburgh at the time of Annie's birth. The effect will be created by softly glowing circles of light surrounded by small discs inscribed with information about each star.
Keep reading more about it on the Mellon Parks Project site!

Below is the artist's (Janet Zweig) rendering of what the lawn will look like once the installation is complete (I'm sure it will look cooler at night)! There's also a bit more info on the Pittsburgh Parks blog!

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