April 27, 2011

Riverlife Animated!

A beautiful new piece of animation from local animator Scott Benson produced by Riverlife! Riverlife is a "public-private partnership established in 1999 to guide and advocate for the redevelopment of Pittsburgh’s riverfronts. Riverlife works to reconnect Pittsburgh with its rivers by bringing recreation, ecological restoration and economic opportunity back to our waterfronts." This video is the first installment of several and we think this video really helps bring out the best of this area. It would be awesome if they utilized several local (and non-local) animators in several styles to create the future installments, but I think Scott's work here is an outstanding start!


  1. Thanks for posting this, BSH! Not sure if you knew or not, but Scott is a local artist based in the South Side. We'd love to see other artists' interpretations of our rivers and riverfronts - videos and samples can be uploaded and linked to our "River City" gallery via this page:

    Thanks for spreading the words, and cheers!

  2. Oh, yup, you point out that Scott is a local animator in the first sentence. Sorry about that. I need a nap. :)

  3. I was in the running to do one of these, but didn't hear from them after January. Scott knocked it out of the park, the spot is beautiful.

  4. Love it! Makes me want to move back.