November 11, 2010

Dead in Pittsburgh

A while back I read an interesting post by a guest blogger on the popular BoingBoing. It is about a unique history that Pittsburgh has about how the dead is all around today's modern-day Pittsburgh buildings and homes. As you know, Pittsburgh is a fairly old city with a rich background, but if you begin to take looks at old maps of where cemetaries were located, are actually in place of buildings and backyards of current homes. Some cemetaries were likely moved, other were just built over or shoved to the side as those people were forgotten over the years. From the article:
Through property acquisition and expansion, these forgotten cemeteries find new purposes, perhaps to be discovered later. The University of Pittsburgh acquired the grounds to a cemetery years back. Where are the bodies? Only the back-hoe knows.
Link to the post on BoingBoing

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  1. dag. VERY interesting. i never thought of that before.