November 10, 2009

Victor Beltran Paints to the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh

As the description reads:
On November 7 and 8, 2009, Victor Beltran, Peruvian modern artist created 4 original artworks, while perched on a scaffold with four other artists, as the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh performed a world choral premiere of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition arranged brilliantly by director, Thomas Douglas. Beltran demonstrated his unique ability to conceptualize artistic images of vibrant colors and abstract shapes, reflective of the choral musics tones and rhythms. The audience gazed as Beltrans paintings emerged from the blank canvas, stroke by stroke, there was an evolution of new born works of modern art.
Uploaded by YouTube user vmanuelbeltran.

(Thanks to Christopher Schmidt, who is the artist at top right in the video, for the link!)

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  1. I always thought people should be able to watch the process of art being created, like watching musicians perform. Only seeing the final product leaves so much to be desired. More artists ought to do this!