November 10, 2009


Checkout the rad work of Andrew O. Ellis (Andyrama), local illustrator and designer! I ran across Andrew's work while browsing the nets and wanted to give him a shoutout. He keeps things simple - using minimal to no lighting, keeping compositions interesting and balanced, key color palettes (by this I mean mainly primary and complementary colors), and straight-to-the-point content. In Andy's spare time he enjoys "film, bad puns, spy novels, British Invasion Rock, Dr Pepper, Public Radio and selling my possessions on eBay." Andy also writes a pretty rad blog that is fairly updated and posts new works and other ramblings.

Also, linked on his site you can download an interview he did with a art magazine, Bootleg.



  1. i heart andrew o. ellis! he is fantastic!

  2. Andrew Has a Brilliant Creative Head. He is the best I know!