November 16, 2009

Jeremy Beightol's Dreamy Paintings

Jeremy Beightol, a recent transplant to Pittsburgh from Erie, is a painter whose work is aesthetically, colorfully and content-wise pleasing to the eye. Beightol creates images that are so dream-like, whether happy or nightmarish, that I just want to dig into his mind. I find subtle humor in his Jesus-two-headed-goat-with-nipples under a rainbow, which really awakens your mind into being in that world and what that would be like. The whale, below, looks like he is having a great time, being upside down puts him into motion feeling as though he's dancing, and the light color values lightens and brightens the overall feel of the image. Rad stuff, man!

Jeremy has a show coming up at ModernFormations with Jesse Best called Satan is Real opening December 4th. More on that soon!

Can't wait to see more from Jeremy!


1 comment:

  1. This is a nice suprise... thank you very much! These are just details of larger new works... come by the opening to see the full pieces during Ublurred gallery walk Friday, December 4th at Modern Formations Gallery. The show is called "Satan Is Real" and will also feature new works by local artist Jesse Best... it goes from 7p- 10p. Doom.