October 7, 2009

Thom Glunt's Meeting of Important People Cardboard Music Video!

Remember our post about helping out with the cardboard set for a music video? Well, the finished video has been uploaded and distributed and is making its rounds in the blog-roll and music scene and the attention is well deserved!

Local video Director Thom Glunt built an entire city (1/8 scale, of course) out of cardboard and placed the band Meeting of Important People right in the middle! I love the detail that went into this video, from the the small satellite dishes on top of the buildings down to the design on the front of the record player. And making the instruments the band are playing just sells it! Glunt is able to put you and make you feel like you belong in this imaginative world - not enough for me to go live in a cardboard box tonight, but you get the idea.

You can also watch the video in a higher resolution Quicktime on Glunt's site!

(Found at City Creative, via the Cool Hunter!)

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