October 9, 2009

Roy Gee Biv Festival of Robotics and Music Oct 9-11!

The Roy Gee Biv Festival of Robotics and Music is taking place beginning tomorrow, October 9th, and will run through Sunday! The event takes place at The Nerve (500 Dargan St)! RGB Fest says:
The mission of Roy Gee Biv Festival is to bring together kinetic and sound artists to make new cross-platform work, present intelligent discourse on robotic music, and educate a multiplicity of Pittsburgh communities in collaborative methods of artistic production.
Some of the artists that will be presenting, performing and speaking include:

Chicago-based DRMWPN:

Michael Johnsen:
(Photo by flickr user cattoo)
John McNulty:

Eric Singer:

Joshua Space:

Gregory Witt:

among many others!
Link to myspace page

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