October 12, 2009

LIKENESS + It's all about ME, Not You at the Mattress Factory

Friday night was happenin' at the Mattress Factory's opening for LIKENESS + It's all about ME, Not You! What a rad group of artists!

MF says:
Portraits are everywhere. They are in our wallets; on our computers, cell phones and desktops; on the walls of corporate offices, banks and schools. But what precisely is a portrait or image of likeness? How do artists’ methods and materials evolve as technology progresses with break-neck speed? And in this age of user-generated content, who exactly is the artist?

LIKENESS is a group exhibition that aims to examine human depiction during a post-Warholian era in which new technology has played an influential role.
I hate to admit it, but we don't have any photos from the show. But you can get a feel of the artists involved by checking out some of their past works below including:

Jim Campbell:

Paul DeMarinis:

Jonn Herschend:

Nikki Lee:

Joseph Manino:

Greta Pratt:

Tony Oursler:
Elaine A. King, who is a freelance critic and curator as well as a professor at Carnegie Mellon University teaching Art History/Theory/Museum Studies, curated the exhibition.


UPDATE: I just found this great article on Post-GazetteNOW about Likeness!

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