September 17, 2009

Green G20 Posters!

From Direct Energy:
As businesses put their best foot forward for the G-20 Summit, they now have one more way to show the world they are committed to sustainability. And they can win some green themselves.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Direct Energy Business, one of North America’s largest commercial retail energy suppliers, wants businesses to proudly display the fact that their electricity usage has been greened for the G-20 summit.

By visiting, local businesses can download an Imagine a Greener City poster, put it on display, snap a photo, upload it to the site, and be registered to win $500 in cash.

“The contest is meant to encourage businesses to think about their own sustainable business practices,” said Dave Grupp, spokesperson for Direct Energy Business. “We, as a city, have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set an example for the world, and having city businesses proudly they are green is a powerful statement.”

Although the overall poster design is not that creative, the illustrations do help them along. This is an AWESOME event that is willing to try and help out the community while sprucing up the windows of downtown a bit! I couldn't find the name of the illustrator for these - does anyone out there know who to credit?

Also, I wonder if they know they didn't spell "Imagine" correctly on top.

(Found via TECHburgher)

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