September 17, 2009

Fe Gallery's Munich, Germany Artist Residency Program for 2010!

Pittsburgh's own Fe Gallery is collaborating with Germany's Platform3 from mid-January to mid-March of 2010! What an oustanding opportunity for any artists looking to branch out on an adventure to start off 2010 with a great kick!

Fe Gallery says:
Fe Arts Gallery has developed an International Exchange Program available to Pittsburgh artists. Artists must reside within 20 miles from downtown Pittsburgh. Artists must have an established exhibition record. Fe’s Residency Program is an on-going opportunity for area artists to participate. Currently, Fe Arts Gallery is collaborating with Platform3 to provide Pittsburgh Artists with an opportunity to live, create artwork and exhibit in Munich, Germany. The artist will live in Munich for 4-8 weeks. They will be given a private studio space within Platform3 (A contemporary art center that opened in March 2009. It houses 15 artists’ studios and two exhibition spaces). The artist will be responsible for his or her own materials, food, entertainment and travel and lodging beyond Munich, Germany. The artist should plan to reside in the provided housing by Platform3 for the entire duration of the residency, with extended travel to Europe to occur only after the residency is complete. The artist is required to submit a simple Final Report along with documentation of artwork, upon return to Pittsburgh. The launch of our Residency Program is central to Fe’s mission to increase visibility of Pittsburgh artists by providing them with more exposure and more opportunities.
On another note, I found this on the newly formed Pittsburgh Art & Technology blog, which is an awesome read if you get a chance!

(Found via Pittsburgh Art & Technology!)

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