August 7, 2009

Wishful Thinking TONIGHT at Zombo Gallery

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Victoria Cessna and David Wallace have a show coming up at Zombo Gallery and it looks to be a doozy! From Zombo:
With great excitement and a touch of wise doubt, local painters Victoria Cessna and David Wallace present ‘Wishful Thinking’ at Zombo Gallery on August 7, showcasing works that were completed by the artists over the past year.

Both artists have an affinity for using found imagery from bygone eras as inspiration for their work.

Cessna’s paintings explore the mysterious allure of the random snapshot and capture the quality of a long-forgotten photograph in paint. Her work takes these photographs out of their original context and suggests that there is more than meets the eye in these seemingly tranquil domestic environments.

As a graphic designer, Wallace has always been interested in the power of images and words in advertising. The pairing of innocent, naïve images from mid-century home magazine ads with more modern, direct text create a more complex world than those ‘50s magazines imply. New meanings are derived and questions are posed. As in Cessna’s work, things are not always as they seem or as we wish they could be.


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