August 7, 2009

Thad Dachille at ModernFormations Tonight!

An awesome show by the awesome Thad Dachille titled The Mr. Gerald Scoops Show will be opening tonight at ModernFormations from 7pm-10pm, part of the August Unblurred festivities! From ModernFormations:
“The Mr. Gerald Scoops Show” by Thad Dachille, portrays his imaginary cartoons coming to life. These new works, completed over the last year, continue to represent his interest in rendering imaginary cartoons with strange and sometimes vulgar personalities.

Dachille forces the viewer to confront these cartoon people and find that not all of them are friendly, like in our immediate reality.

He says this about his work, “I enjoy creating unfriendly cartoons because I like to derail the ingrained cute and pleasant imagery of the Disney machine.”

You can follow all of Thad's goodness on his blog here. This exhibit runs to August 28th! Don't miss it!


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