July 27, 2009

ThePoint: Needlecraft, Fabric Arts and Recycled Goods

Pittsburgh Craft Collective posted a feature of an awesome Etsy user who goes by The Point. PCC says:
As a mom to a busy two year-old, Jody considers crafting her business, passion and creative outlet. Right now, Jody is obsessed with fabrics, specifically tiny art fabric scraps, and enjoys figuring out new ways to use them. Through up-cycling, Jody creates unique and extra special cards, pictures, costars and adds funky details to messenger bags. Inspiration for Jody’s designs comes from everything- magazines, the Web, Flickr, clothing, buttons, fabric patters, color combination, etc.

As for the smoky hotness pictured above, the packaging was sitting on Jody’s counter waiting to be recycled. It spoke to her and said “make me into something beautiful.” This awesomeness is what happens when you find stuff just lying around!
Checkout some of ThePoint's other pieces below and on her Etsy page! Awesome!

Link to PCC post
Link to ThePoint's Etsy page
Link to ThePoint's Handmade In PA profile

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