July 2, 2009

Technology is Everywhere by CMU's Justin Edmund

technology is everywhere. from Justin Edmund on Vimeo.

From the description:
A narrative of typography found in technology, as well as technology in my everyday life. All photographs were photographed by me.

Music is an excerpt from "pogo" by digitalism.

Created for the Intermediate Typography course at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design, spring 2009.

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"Technology is everywhere. It is ingrained into our lives.

Technology has the power to make us more efficient.
Even today, everyday tasks have become easier and simpler, so we can enjoy life, go farther, and become better.

I first used a computer when I was three or four years old, and was instantly hooked. Everyone in my family was technologically inclined somehow or another and influenced me.

I'm interested by both the inside and the outside of technological artifacts. Really, I just enjoy taking things apart and learning how things work. I'm intrigued by both hardware and software, the peripherals and the circuitry. Most importantly, I love learning how I can make these objects function best for my needs.

By understanding more about technology, we can learn more about ourselves, and grow."

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