July 1, 2009

Making TV Shows and Waffles

The Post-Gazette posted an article earlier this week on CMU's Waffle Shop. I've been meaning to write about this for a while now but thought I'd share it now since the article gives you a pretty good description of what the project (now business?) is about.
From Post-Gazette:
It was supposed to be a two-semester community artistic social experiment for a Carnegie Mellon University art class, videotaping hip late-night crowds discussing what was on their minds while they ate waffles.

But the combination of homemade treats and homegrown reality show has proven to be an unusual recipe for success since Waffle Shop opened its doors last fall in East Liberty. School is out, but the doors are staying open, weekend brunch hours have been added and the menu has expanded.

The artistic concepts behind it have evolved, too. Now its founders are exploring the possibility of the shop becoming an ongoing venture in a neighborhood that also is forging a new identity.

"The idea has progressed quite a bit and become clearer and stronger," said Jon Rubin, an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon's School of Art who teaches the course that created the Waffle Shop/reality show concept.

And, he added, "the waffles are a lot better."
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You can also checkout the Waffle Shop website which gives you interactive options such as following them on Twitter, and watch some episodes of the shows. Very entertaining stuff, and from what I hear and read, the waffles really aren't all that bad! And here's a tidbit about it on Carnegie Mellon's website as well!
Why didn't I think of this??

Link to Post Gazette article
Link to Waffle Shop

(Images above were grabbed from Waffle Shop contributor/graphic designer Brett Yasko's website. Hope you don't mind, and thanks!!)

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