July 20, 2009

"Objectified" at the Harris Theatre July 19-23

From Pittsburgh Filmmakers:
The buzz has already started. It's the new film from director Gary Hustwit, whose Helvetica became a cult favorite. This is the equally fascinating and unlikely story behind the objects that contribute delight or frustration to our lives everyday. It's about industrial design. The film show us the creative processes of some of the world’s most influential designers, and shows us who we are – and want to be – from the stuff we surround ourselves with. Do you find yourself oohing and aahing over curvy office chairs, sleek teapots, or vintage typewriters? Do you appreciate the aerodynamics of badminton shuttlecocks as well as potato peelers? Then this film is for you.
This looks like a very interesting film, especially for all of you designers out there. Checkout the trailer below!Or watch a better quality mp4 version here.


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