July 30, 2009

The Latest from Susan Constanse

These are some pretty rad new WIP's by Susan Constanse. Checkout some more of her abstract works on her site and keep up-to-date with her on oranje blog! From her artist statement:
I want to make work that induces warmth and sensuality, subtle and seductive. I use a human scale for my work. Intimate works that appeal to the eye and the hand, tactile on a number of levels. I have a long-standing interest in textiles and fibers; it was the first medium that I used and the aesthetics and mechanics of textiles are a foundation for my work.

Palette, which is a subtle and complex vocabulary, is integral to my work. I am influenced by traditional Asian textiles. There is a quality of light that is trapped in the fibers of silk and there is a degree of complexity that I find appealing. Again, this is a way of creating a subtext within individual works and within a series.

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