December 8, 2011

Ed Piskor & Other Local Cartoonists for the Toonseum's Illustration Ale II!

The Toonseum is once again teaming up with the East End Brewing Company for Illustration Ale II! The Toonseum hunts out some of the top illustrators in the area and get those involved in creating a label. This time with a new beer, new labels and six new artists! This is a limited edition beer from East End Brewing Company with a portion of all proceeds benefiting the ToonSeum! See labels from the first round here. The launch event date will be announced soon, but for now you can soak up the goodness of Ed Piskor's design above, which was recently featured on the very popular BoingBoing! From Ed Piskor on BB:
We have a decent cartoonist scene here in Pittsburgh and it seems that the hub of a lot of activity is our very own Toonseum. As a fundraising measure they, along with a local brewery, created "Illustration Ale" and asked a handful of us to design beer labels.

I decided to highlight my favorite alcoholic cartoonist, Wally Wood.
Here's a link to the label and some photos of my process.
Other artists include:
Mark Bender
Vince Dorse
Jasen Lex (final artwork for this year's label)
Nathan Mazur
& Dave Wachter

(Above images, except where noted, are examples of the artists' work, not the East End Brewery labels.)

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