October 25, 2011

Andy Kehoe's Creatures "Behind Your House"

Andy Kehoe
We've been watching Andy Kehoe's work over the last several years, and were delighted to see that he was featured in a recent article in Hi-Fructose. When he was beginning with his odd and quirky animals/monsters on simple, somewhat flat, one or two-colored backgrounds as you can checkout on his "2008 & Older" Portfolio site. But over the last year or two he's begun incorporating more detail including imaginative foliage and varying textures while expanding his color template. We are totally loving where it's going! His recent show with Maryland-based artist Charlie Immer at Seattle's Roq La Rue exhibited his most recent work. While we weren't there to see it in person, there are plenty of pictures to oogle at the Hi-Fructose article. Andy recently added a few beautiful new prints from this show to his Etsy store, but All Turns to Brilliance has already sold out, so you better get your hands on the remaining ones while they last!
On the Banks of Broken Worlds

Chance Meeting of Forest Dragons

All Turns to Brilliance
(Sold out)

There are plenty more prints to buy in the store. Andy is truly an emerging artist to watch closely and I'd be surprised if his following doesn't double each year. Don't forget to follow his blog!


(Photo at top by Robbie Lowery for Hi-Fructose)

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