August 9, 2011

Off Brand Premiere Screening FREE at Southside Works on Thurs, Aug 11!

Local film director Thom Glunt (previously mentioned here) recently completed his latest project entitled Off Brand, which is a quirky comedy about a European film director who is the "world’s greatest terrible" director. Thom is providing everyone who wants to see two 'pilot' episodes for FREE at the Southside Works Cinema this Thursday, August 11th, at 7pm or 8pm. No tickets needed, but I would suggest going to the earlier showing in case you don't get in and can wait to get into the 8pm screening - or see it twice!

I've seen both episodes and they are brilliantly written with professional acting and strong production values. Although Thom's background is mainly in music videos and commercials, it's a bold move to take the dive into storytelling, not to mention acting and directing, so that he's able to use this as a creative outlet and show what he really wants to do by manipulating his audience through his own words. This show is on par with the best of the best and we really hope there will be more episodes in the near future! Off Brand is a pure labor of love and it shows through this strong quality of filmmaking. Come out to show Thom your support for him to continue creating awesome shows such as this!
Off Brand stars some of the great talent in the area including veteran actor Adam Kroloff, Juliana Carr, and David Fedor, and includes music by the rocking Pittsburgh-based Meeting of Important People. Thom was also able to nab UK-based illustrator Louis Roskosch, local animator Kris Boban and illustrator extroadinaire Ed Piskor to give a helping hand with illustrated sequences.
Checkout this short clip of "controversial director" Richter Brand in his past explaining to a US television talk show host what he thinks about critics saying his films are driven derivative.
Thom, as T & E say, "Great job!"


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