March 18, 2011

Seth Clark's Ruinations & Other Shows at PCA Closing March 20th

So we totally missed out on posting about the opening to this show, and it closes in just 2 days (March 20th is the last day), but there's still time to go to the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (6300 Fifth Ave) to checkout a bunch of shows, one specifically that caught our attention is from local artist Seth Clark's (previously here) titled Ruination. The description of the show is simple, as PCA says:
Clark moved to Pittsburgh two years ago, and the Massachusetts native finds inspiration in the row houses and giant abandoned factories of the Steel City. In his new series of drawings, materials such as paint, paper, charcoal and found objects are layered to create depth and reflect a structural decay of the architecture around him.
There's also a great article in the City Paper if you haven't already read it. After seeing Seth's work in person, you'll understand his creative passion and artistic ability, and especially in these large drawings! It's an awesome show that you don't want to miss!

Link to City Paper review article
Link to Seth Clark

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