August 23, 2010

Blog Updates

This has never been addressed before, and this will probably be the only post sharing a glimpse of my personal life. I know, this blog has been lacking content over the past few months. This year has been extremely busy, and keeps getting busier, between my full-time and freelance work, as well as my wife and I welcoming our first son just over three weeks ago.

With that said, Bittersweet Harvest is not defunct and will continue to be updated. If it is ever decided to be killed, we will let you know, but for now there are no plans for that to happen in the near future. Thank you so much for coming back to read, and for all of the support this blog has received since beginning last year. As always, if you have content you would like to share, please email us, message us on facebook, or @ us on Twitter. Continue making awesome art, Pittsburgh, and we'll continue posting it!


Photo by flickr user phototravel1, found at random. Checkout more of his cool photos from Pittsburgh here!


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  2. I was thinking of posting an almost identical update on City Creative in the near future. Ha! I know the feeling! Life seems to make little time for blogging these days! Good luck on all your endeavors!

  3. Hey there, glad to see you back! Congratulations to you.