May 4, 2010

The Adventures of Tadly Waldorfington!

Local animator/illustrator extroadinaire Scott Benson is working on an ongoing project with his wife, plush and craft extroadinaire Cleo Dee (Bethany Hockenberry) on The Adventures of Tadly Boots Waldorfington! The above video will show you what an exciting series this is going to be - well thought out and making us curious to see the rest. The rad use of lighting, textures, and that old-time-film-look in Scott's unique animation style really makes the overall piece so appealing artistically, added with the great storyline makes us itching to see the next episode. Cleo says:
There are several varieties of Tadly available on etsy and you can see them in person at Wholly Craft in Columbus, Ohio with some other stores to follow. If you're in the Brooklyn area on June 6th and 7th you can stop by to see Tadly, the squids and also us! The squids will still be around and in greater number variety than ever before, they now just have some acquaintances. Throughout the year Tadly will be showing up in a more transformations and more episodes so please add Cleo Dee and Tadly on Facebook or follow my journal or Twitter to keep abreast of all the wonders to come.
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get my hands on one of those plush. Since you guys are traveling to craft shows out of state, how do we get these in Pittsburgh??

Link to Vimeo

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