January 20, 2010

Pittsburgh Pirates' Dock Ellis’s 1970 No-Hitter While High

OK, so this is a stretch to be related to Pittsburgh, and you may or may not have already seen this anyway, but it was too funny not to share. NYC-based No Mas hired the Brooklyn-based quirky and funky artist James Blagden to create this animation based on Dock Ellis’s 1970 no-hitter. In case you don't know who Dock Ellis is, as Wikipedia says:
Dock Phillip Ellis, Jr. (March 11, 1945 – December 19, 2008) was a Major League Baseball player who pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates, among other teams. His best season was 1971, when he won 19 games for the World Series champion Pirates and was the starting pitcher for the National League in the All-Star Game. However, he is perhaps best remembered for the claim that he threw a no-hitter in 1970 while under the influence of LSD.

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