January 5, 2010

Elizabeth Perry's Sketchbook!

We recently ran across the rad daily drawings blog of Elizabeth Perry! These sketches provide insight into the Perry's thought behind every line in these drawings with a cool, gritty, rawness to each piece. What I find so cool about these drawings is that they each tell their own story about a particular day, and with great simplicity of watercolors or black ink, while maintaining appealing, simple compositions on the moleskine sketchbook pages. Elizabeth says:
When I began to draw four years ago, drawing every day gave me the excuse to slow down and pay closer attention to ordinary things. The more I drew, the more I noticed, and the more drawing became integral to the way I see. I use very portable materials: fountain pen, brush pen, waterbrush, and sometimes gouache (which I keep in a painting kit made from a mini-Altoids tin), so I can work almost anywhere. Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania, is a city of hills and rivers, of unexpected neighborhoods and surprising views — I've lived here nearly half my life, now, and look forward to showing you some of what I see.

Follow her daily sketches on her blog, Woolgathering!


  1. Thanks!

    By the way, if you want yet another 2010 calendar, I made one in .pdf format for free download:

  2. I love her work! Great post!