November 6, 2009

Lickity Split at Zombo Gallery TONIGHT!

While you're walking down Penn Ave tonight for all the awesome gallery openings otherwise known as Unblurred, don't forget to make a quick ride down to Larryville just off Butler St at the audaciously awesome Zombo Gallery (4900 Hatfield St) for Craig Freeman's show Lickity Split! Craig does some awesome work, mixing styles and mediums for a completely cool look. Craig is a co-founder of the Fast>>Fwd Gallery which he says is not holding a show opening tonight due to his solo show, so the time you would spend at FF should be spent checking out his work at Zombo!


UPDATE 11/10/09:
Checkout some photos we snapped from the show:

To view more photos we took from last week's Unblurred, checkout our set on Flickr!

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