October 6, 2009

Swoon spotted in Homewood

Swoon (previously mentioned here) was recently spotted on the side of a restaurant building in Homewood in Braddock. Hryck says:
I found this in Homewood, on the side of a building which is apparently a "restaurant". Being Homewood, and a boarded up building doesn't always sell food, I asked for permission from the "owner" to shoot this first. He let me, and asked if I had anything to do with it. He seemed a little disappointed when I told him I didn't, but he perked up when I explained who Swoon was, what she was about, and how she made her art. He seemed genuinely interested in the amazing things she was doing in Braddock, Pittsburgh, and the world at large.

"So, you think this thing is worth money?"
The photo is shot and uploaded by the awesome flickr user Hryck. See the original here, and go checkout more of Hryck's awesome photos!

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