October 8, 2009

Shape Shifting Robots with Electric Magnetics

This is an awesome video showing how Carnegie Mellon researchers show how robots can swarm and shape-shift using magnetic electricity. I think my mouth dropped to the floor when I saw the cars pop up and they shape shifted the cars. Then I just looked over at my phone and imagined being able to do that with any object on my phone. Then my head just exploded. I am loving the time we live in!

Posted by YouTube user harisheema65!

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  1. If I remember correctly, the car is from a commercial, and it's all computer animated. It illustrates how the concept would work in reality years from now. Today, the little particles that can bind together and shape-shift are not that small and the experiments have been conducted on only groups of about 3-5. This is great research, but you won't see anything similar to the car in that commercial for years and years.