October 29, 2009

Leat Klingman at Connie Kerr Gallery Tonight at 6!

On October 19th, an exhibition opened at the Connie Kerr Gallery (1815 Metropolitan St), located inside of the Manchester Craftsman's Guild building, titled Spectacles of Scale including works by Leat Klingman and Beth Nixon.

The MCG describes the show:
See life of a whole new dimension in two coinciding solo exhibitions by Leat Klingman and Beth Nixon. Spectacles of Scale invites viewers into fantastical worlds created by the artists’ extraordinary modes of storytelling and puppetry. Experience transformation and role-play through a range of artistic techniques including sculpture, video, and performance, which come together to lightheartedly express universal truths. Klingman and Nixon will both conduct workshops with MCG Youth & Arts after-school students during their time here.
Tonight, October 29th from 6 to 8:30, Brooklyn-based artist Klingman will be at the Connie Kerr Gallery speaking about her work! Born and raised in Isreal, her work, as you can see here, is simplistic, experimental and includes deep messages which viewers can relate to on several different levels with several interpretations, just the way I like this type of art mixed. I'm very interested in hearing her personal thoughts and experience and how she mixes that into her pieces. Oh yea, and seeing her new works in this exhibition will definitely be exciting!

Beth Nixon will be speaking about her work on Thursday, November 12th. More on her work later!


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