October 5, 2009

Highlights from the Gallery Crawls on Oct 2!

In case you were scared away by the rain, or couldn't miss the Pens game, and didn't make it out to the gallery crawls last Friday night, we've uploaded just a smidge of our photos highlighting some of our favorite shows! Maybe you can help us identify some of the artists/galleries we forgot the names of? Dig!

We want to thank all of you who followed us on our Twitter page! We thought we would try something new for all of you by twitpic'ing our current locations for those of you who couldn't make it out, and those who were at our current location introduced yourselves (which a few of you did)! We just wanted to thank you for the successful twittering. I think we'll try doing it again next time - feel free to jump on the Twitter bandwagon!

Check out the rest on our flickr set here!

We will be doing this again, but in your opinion do you think us Twitter'ing these events are worth it? Leave us a comment here, on our facebook, twitter, flickr, or email!

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