September 24, 2009

Pittsburgh is ART!

While the whole G20 Summit is going on as of today in downtown Pittsburgh, just in case you haven't heard because you've been living in a box for the past couple months, Pittsburgh is ART, which from my understanding is run by The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, is holding a slew of events in the next couple of days. PIA is described as "a collaboration of local arts organizations that have gathered to develop a collective voice, to share with Pittsburgh and its visitors about the arts impact on the transformation of Pittsburgh, the role the cultural community plays in the economic vitality of the region and by showcasing the superior cultural activity in Western Pennsylvania." There is an amazingly awesome list of events are scheduled, way too many to list on here but of which you can read the full list here!

The Pittsburgh Festival of Lights is one of the coolest happenings, a spectacular sight that are large projections on buildings and is going on right now until September 27. The main lighting locations will be concentrated at the Penn Avenue and 10th Street intersection, with projections on the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, The Courtyard Marriott, and The Westin Convention Center.


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