September 1, 2009

Jen Cooney's Radness at 707 this Friday, Sept 4!

Opening this Friday, Sept 4, at 707 Penn Gallery is Jen Cooney's radical The Secret Lives of Stories. Jen's work is out there, but in a very good way. She thinks outside the box. Rules? What rules? She doesn't configure to your typical landscape or figure drawing, the stuff that is in her imagination is where it's at.

From the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust:
Looking at how worlds are built and different fanciful creatures interrelate. Jen Cooney takes the viewer past the edges of the page to see the rest of the picture you've always known that's there. The viewer is lead into new, intensely detailed lands. Although somewhat anchored in reality these worlds are bursting forth with fantastic creatures of pure imagination. Jen Cooney invites you to question the delicate balance of worlds where, like our own, everything is connected and guides you through the secret life of stories.

The show runs through October 17!


(Top image from Post-Gazette and middle image by flickr user printzerostudios)

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