September 8, 2009

Cleanup day turns into art in Mt. Washington Park

A cool article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review! PTR says:
The project began at 9 a.m., despite rain, with volunteers forming a daisy chain line through the woods of the park and dragging out trash. That portion of the park had been an illegal dump site for decades, said Ilyssa Manspeizer, park manager for the Mt. Washington Community Development Corp.

Artists then converted some of the garbage into art by welding and piecing together scraps into statues as part of the community's first Wild Art Wild Trails festival.

"I've had my eye on a few pieces," said Daniel Szecket, 38, of Mt. Lebanon, an artist who planned to use the front fender of a 1950s car to create a robot statue. "It's a good way to give back to this region."
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(Photos by Philip G. Pavely/Tribune-Review)

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