August 3, 2009

The Show in Gibsonia RIGHT NOW!

The Show is a NOW! I think it was curated by Ryan Lemmie and this is the 3rd year it has happened. I apologize for the lateness, but this began yesterday and is running only until 7pm today! You might be at work right now, but if you're sitting at home, or can leave work early, I suggest making the short drive up to Gibsonia to check this out! It's at the Treesdale Community Center & Cider House in Gibsonia, only about a 20 minute drive from downtown. Unfortunately, the only place I could find the least bit of information about this show is on Aimee Manion's site and the facebook event page - but if Aimee's a part of it, then you know it's got to be at least a little good!

Link to the Facebook event page

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