August 20, 2009

Sacred Art at Boxheart Gallery on Aug 22!

Get ready for the opening reception of the 13th Annual Sacred Art Exhibition at Boxheart Gallery (4523 Liberty Avenue)! The show has already begun (Aug 18), but the good stuff is happening at the opening reception from 5pm to 8pm this Saturday with food and drinks, of course! Digging Pitt has already written a nice review of the show here, and you can view a full list of the artists involved here!

From Boxheart:
The Sacred Art Exhibition began in 1998, before Box Heart Gallery, with the concept of exploring an artist's interpretation of the sacred. The tradition of this exhibition continues this summer with notification to the artists selected for participation in the 2009 Sacred Art Exhibition. Over 100 entries, from regional, national, and international artists, were received this year. Of these entries, 17 artists were selected for participation and 24 works of art in a variety of media will be exhibited.
The artwork selected for this year’s Sacred Art Exhibition asks how science creates meaning as a background of ideas and stories which sets us against our day-to-day lives. Rather than thinking of the “sacred” as speaking to some imaginary supernatural realm, the artists see it as an attitude of attention that science asks of us in response to even the smallest thing. Photographer Scott Davidson writes, "There are objects we hold to be sacred, and whether sanctified or heathen, an intimate connection with the sacred is usually a transitory event." In Liz Rundorff Smith's paintings there is "evidence of the sacred in the practice of everyday life. The rituals of daily existence connect the present with the past, forming a thread through time which make the mundane sacred."

Science shows us what is sacred in the mundane. It makes the ordinary stand out and speak for itself. Artist Aimee Manion is a vessel for the creative force that flows from within her. Her artwork is a "means of communicating the ineffable aspects of life." Through that attention, science simultaneously connects us with many millennia of spiritual tradition, and turns those traditions on their head. In creating, printmaker Jessica Somers "was seeking, and that seeking was her sincerest form of worship. She was looking into herself to find the ancientness at the root of human life, looking outward to understand how suffering is a timeless, even beautiful force that unites all people." What is sacred is always right before us.
The show runs until Sept 12! Take a gander at some of the works included:

Aimee Manion (previously mentioned here):

Gerard DiFalco:

Diane Fleisch-Hughes:

Alex Lobus:

Victoria Goro-Rapoport:

Jessica Somers:

Merrill Steiger:

Marc Edward Sylvestre:

Peter Vercilla:
View even more by clicking on their names here and viewing the gallery here! Go party on Sat, August 22 from 5 to 8 with the artists!


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