August 5, 2009

PNC is Alive!

I've been meaning to post about this for over a week now and haven't got around to it! From the Post-GazetteNOW:
Imagine a 2,300-square-foot garden, then imagine it hanging from a Downtown building. Smaller versions exist in cities worldwide, but Pittsburgh's first will be North America's largest.

Called a "living wall" or a "sky farm," this engineering and design feat brings together compatible plants in 602 panels of contained soil. Stainless-steel brackets and panels will anchor it to the southeast-facing wall at One PNC Plaza, Fifth Avenue and Wood Street. The goal is to have it in place by Sept. 14, said Susan Golomb, vice president of realty services for PNC Financial Services Group.
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And just to throw it in there, since it's sort of on the same topic, the park located just in front of the PNC building at Blvd of the Allies and Grant St is a great piece of work in and of itself with swirls and flowing paths with luscious vegetation.

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