August 12, 2009

LA Street Art in Pittsburgh

From an anonymous reader:
Just happened to run into Shepard Fairey putting this piece up downtown today. This Los Angeles-based artist is one of my favorites and I consider myself so lucky to have caught this in the act, so I had to snap some shots. This is located on Wood and First. I talked to him and he told me he was preparing for his show coming up at the Warhol in October.

This is the same artist that created this, this and probably most popular, this, behind the "OBEY" stickers you see in almost every city. Apparently he put some more work up along Penn and other spots throughout the area. If you happen to spot any of these, let me know and send me some pictures!

He'll be at this upcoming event, which you can read a little about on iheartPGH, (for which he created the poster):
Don't miss his show at the Warhol in October!


  1. the building the mural is on belongs to Astorino and i uploaded more pictures of the process here. enjoy!

  2. There is another building he just completed - the side of the Crazy Mocha cafe bldg in Lawrenceville on Butler Street.

  3. Cat - Thanks for the link!

    Gret - That's awesome! Were you able to take a snapshot? If so, please send it my way. I'm preparing a future post with more locations.