August 10, 2009

Delicious Donations CALL FOR ARTISTS Due TONIGHT!

A little late on this posting, but hopefully most of you caught it in the Upcoming Events on the right. Always be sure to check that out for happenings and deadlines!

From Delicious Donations:
Delicious Donations will be hosting another event that puts money right into the pockets of regional artists. Artists are asked to submit a one page proposal/artist statement detailing their current art project and how they would use the money. All submissions need to emailed to by 11:59 pm on August 10, 2009. Anyone can apply: individual artists, collaborations and community projects. This month’s event will be in conjunction with Night Out: Braddock, a party to celebrate one year of events At UnSmoke Systems. Featuring the artwork of: Barb Antel, Stephanie Armbruster, Emilia Edwards, Jeanine Hall, Eric Harberle, Fitzhugh Shaw, and Paulina Wilkowska. DJs Aaron Clark and Paul Alexander of Humanaut will be controlling the soundtrack.

(Photo above of the vegan waffle was grabbed from WaffleParty, which Jeanine Hall from Braddock made for a previous Delicious Donations)

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