July 7, 2009

First Annual Battle of the Worst Bands in Pittsburgh on Sat, July 11

The Pittsburgh City Paper wrote a nice article on this upcoming event, the first of its kind in this area at least. The creator of the show, Zombo, was quoted in the article as saying "Well gee, everybody likes bad, too: karaoke, watching the beginning of American Idol." But what makes the bad in American Idol so funny, is that those contestants are actually serious about their work. If you make a competition that is fighting for the worst, then those contestants will try to be the worst, hopefully not taking the funny out. If the band is so bad you don't even care to listen, you'll tend to vote for the most comical group anyway. The show should be comical either way, this is an interesting concept and we should all show our support by heading out and checking this show out. Join me in voting for the best of the worst bands this Saturday!

From Zombo:
Here's the Line Up!
Battle of the Worst Bands in Pittsburgh will be at the 31st Pub on Saturday 7/11/09. Show starts at 10pm

The show will be hosted by the one and only..
Jay Thurber of WRCT-FM's Radio Nine Program..He will be decked out in his worst used car salesman attire and will keep this train wreck of show moving.

Eight Stink-to-High-Heavens Bands!

• The Jim Dandies (godawful rock)
• The Nifty Two (making a pathetic visit to the stage after many years in hiding)
• The Hillbilly Varmints (stinkin' white trash garbage..making a 10 year reunion appearance)
• D.J. Gauche- (One man band insanity)
• The Bloated Sluts- (Girls gone loco)
• The Wakening- (Graveyard Junkyard Savages)
• Tommy Amoeba- (doing a quick solo/duo set)
• The Botched- (bottom feeders on punk rock mayhem)
...and maybe some crazy special guests!

Throw your vote at your favorite band and hope they may walk away with the Golden Turd Trophy! And just like real democracy, you can buy extra votes!
Link to Zombo
to the PCP article

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