July 27, 2009

Crystala Armagost Prints!

Crystala Armagost is a local artist that has some really cool print work going on! She graduated from CMU School of Art in 2003 and has since been a contributing artist at the Warhol, an art instructor at the Carnegie Museum of Art, art lecturer and freelance artist. She says this about herself on her site:
My work is driven by my love of traditional print and sculpture processes, and also by the concepts of consumerism and social commentary, or cultural observations. I am intrigued by how people respond to objects. When it is something that they can wear, hold, or touch, the art engages the viewer before they feel the urge to name it, or otherwise express their feelings with language. For this reason, I believe there is a usefulness of familiarity in making art. Just as one can identify with a tangible object before they might identify with an abstract painting, many can formulate a personal identity as they relate to pop culture before they can find their place in history. These consumer-based principals actually forma strong cultural link, and creat eh base for social norms, class-consciousness, and stereotypes. The use of pop culture references in my work provides that crucial link between object and issues, which then allows a dialogue to occur. The quaintness that pop culture nostalgia evokes opens the passage to political and social discussion through comfort and familiarity.

See more at her site!

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