July 1, 2009

Ben Matthews & Alberto J. Almarza at Mendelson this Friday!

Steven Mendelson's Mendelson Gallery has an opening reception for Ben Matthews & Alberto J. Almarza show this coming Friday, July 3rd (same night as Unblurred, but is part of First Friday Art Walk on Ellsworth Ave in Shadyside every first Friday of the month from 5-9pm)! Come out to celebrate Ben and Alberto's works in glorious form - I am really digging the promo images that were attached to this announcement, as you can see here, and really think this will be a great part of this month's Unblurred! Be there - 6 to 8pm!
From the release:
Almarza and Matthews were chosen by Mendelson Gallery for an exhibition award from last year's AAP annual show.

Ben Matthews, who recently had a successful show with OK Harris in New York City, has shown here several times. His tounge in cheek paintings evoke old time posters for sideshows and quack cures but include a decidedly bizzare personal twist.

Alberto also has a unique style to his work. One of my favorites (pictured) is a tiny box with a magnified window that shows a miniscule character constructing a beautful bug on his work table.

Mendelson Gallery is proud to show new talent that is not only unique to Pittsburgh, but to the art world in general.

Show runs through August 1st.

Mendelson Gallery 5874 Ellsworth Avenue 15232
Gallery Hours Wed-Sat 12-5 pm or by appointment at 412-361-8664
Link to Event Listing on Pittsburgh City Paper


  1. thanks for posting!
    just to those who are new to the gallery scene mendelson gallery is part of it's first friday gallery walk in shadyside on ellsworth ave as opposed to the unblurred gallery crawl which is on penn ave, mostly in garfield. both are first fridays of the month with few exceptions (january sometimes is a no go)

    rick byerly

  2. saw this show going up yesterday. some really nice stuff. people should check it out. btw, this blog kicks ass!