July 16, 2009

The Art of Pinball at the Warhol July 24

This is a can't-miss show! Brian Holderman and Mike Budai have a show coming up at the Andy Warhol Museum and this is going to be a real treat! The Art of Pinball is comprised of Holderman and Budai painting pinball machines - you remember, those ancient games that used to be in those places called arcades where you would actually have to place a quarter in the machine and tap a physical ball (not virtual). No? Well if you don't remember, you were probably born after 1995. That makes me feel old, and I'm really not. But hey, even if you weren't lucky enough to play one of these in real life, BVG (Before Video Games), then you can at least appreciate the amazing artwork that will be put on the games. From Unicorn Mountain:
Sponsored by the Professional Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) and Pittsburgh-based art collective Unicorn Mountain, “Fun Land: The Art of Pinball” is a showcase of the rich pop art history and chrome-bright future of pinball. The event will serve as the launch of two newly designed machines by internationally-renowned Pittsburgh artists Brian Holderman and Mike Budai. Tired of the current trend of lazy, photoshopped cabinets, Unicorn Mountain artists are grabbing the bull by the horns and restoring wild, original artwork to the world of pinball. In addition to the new work will be twelve classic machines that illustrate the relationship between music, pop art and pinball. Unlike other gallery exhibits, all the art will be playable--DJ Mike Prosser's sounds will hearken back to the amphetamine-fueled seventies heyday of the sport. Fun Land admission is free; admission to museum is half price…bring quarters!

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