June 17, 2009

Wear & Tear at Unsmoke Artspace

Unsmoke Artspace in Braddock is hosting an opening reception this coming weekend on June 20th to invite everyone out to vote for the best Delicious Donations application! They need people to come out for this and get as many voters as possible, so if you're not busy, then get the heck over to Unsmoke Saturday night! Plus free ice cream from Dave and Andy's. You can't go wrong.

From Unsmoke:
Inspired by the dream-like exploration of liminal states through free verse writing and object-making artist Heather Powell will present an installation of cast, carved and constructed forms that explore the personal and collective meaning of infrastructure. A casting of a snow angel taken from an original impression and intergalactic orbs, these works are a conduit between the periphery and core, the subjective and objective, the tangible and intangible; they are essential.

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