June 24, 2009

Virtual Edge Collaborative To Make Penn Scenic View Look Brand New

From TECHburgher:
Virtual Edge Collaborative, an alternative to U.S. and Pittsburgh advertising agencies, marketing companies, marketing firms, marketing agencies, web design companies and graphic design companies, has been hired by Penn Scenic View of Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania to rebrand its existing identity.

As part of this rebranding initiative, Virtual Edge Collaborative’s responsibilities will involve the creation of a new name and logo, and the creation and production of matching identity materials for the property.
Since this is a more technology-based post rather than artistic, it is important to remind ourselves that there is creativity that flows through the advertising industry (although some may disagree due to client/other limitations). Virtual Edge Collaborative seems to be on the cutting edge of thinking differently in the way of marketing, using their artistic skills in innovative ways to break the mold of the typical website, billboard, TV, magazine, etc advertisements that you see everyday.


(Found via TECHburgher)

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